Check out the March issue of Extreme How-to magazine featuring ‘New Roof–Once and Done’ by Mark

Check out the March issue of Extreme How-to magazine featuring ‘New Roof—Once and Done’ by Mark.


MyFixitUpLife talk show: Do It Together w/ Ty Pennington

Mark and Theresa are broadcasting LIVE! inside the Ironclad technical workwear blast furnace at the National Hardware Show. School is in, Toolskool that is, when we talk tools and tips with’s resident creative genius and author, Brad Staggs. And things go from cherry red to white hot when we steal some time with carpenter/designer […]

How to Install Skylights

Installing Skylights

Skylights are a terrific addition to most living spaces, especially if they open. The natural light they let stream in is better than anything that comes out of a bulb, the air they allow to circulate is fabulous, and—if you’re lucky—you get a nice view in the process. Assessing the Challenges There are four major […]

Building an Office Desk

Building an Office Desk

In my life as a carpenter, author and business owner, I spend long hours at my desk banging away at my ToughBook keyboard. When it came time to upgrade my old hand-me-down writing surface, I already knew what I wanted in a new work space. First, I wanted to customize the desk’s size to the […]

DIY Closet Shelves

Closet Shelves

 Closet space is one of the most under utilized but totally upgradeable spaces in our homes—particularly linen and hall closets. In the houses I’ve worked in during my career, it seems that whether they’re new builds or old-time fixer-uppers, the closets are either painfully devoid of shelf space or packed with some wood and stick […]

DIY Storage

DIY Storage

Garages, woodshops and workshops are perennially starved for space and organization—and mine is one of them. It’s forever jam-packed with tools, materials and work surfaces that collect clutter. While having a mother lode of tools for woodworking, home improvement and contracting are key to getting the job done for me—or for running a profitable, efficient […]

Building a Pergola

Building a Par-Gade-O-La

A P-Ar-What-O-La? A P-Ar-GaDe-O-La. The Mission of this project is to battle the blandness of the all-too- often overlooked side-yard of so many houses. You know the place, the boring home on your HVAC unit, random fan, the ladder you use twice a year, flower pots for that gardening project you’ll eventually start. You get […]

Norm Abram

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Make an Entrance w/ This Old House’s Norm Abram

MyFixitUpLife is increasing their curb-appeal with a fresh new approach to making an entrance. Heather from Therma-Tru Doors in sharing their gorgeous new glass designs and how Fypon molding wraps those doors all in style. The nation’s most beloved carpenter, This Old House’s Norm Abram, is sharing news from their project site in Los Angeles. […]

Extreme How To magazine Mark on cover

Mark on cover of Extreme How-to Magazine

We just received our copy of the April 2011 edition of Extreme How-to magazine, and I’m crazy about the guy on the cover. Mark was working on our front porch roof remodel while I snapped a few photos of him on the roof. While he looks rugged, handsome, and oh-so-in-control, I was awkwardly half-hanging out […]

Tips and Tricks for Paint Projects

Tips and Tricks for Paint Projects

Here at the MyFixitUpLife HQ we do a lof of painting both inside and outside the house. And doing a good job painting is as important to a project as tight miter joints or hanging cabinents dead level. While there’s no doubt painting is work, knowing some tricks can save you time and thousands of […]

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