Star stitches! Crazy about a pair of twine crochet handbags that I made

Twine handbag crochet theresa yellow belt myfixituplife

A pretty hue of twine inspired a fun pair of crochet handbags. I discovered the star crochet stitch, and I fell hard. First, I made a bracelet with some brown twine leftover from another project. Then I spied this green twine at Lowe’s, and was immediately inspired to make a … see more

Make this fun spring wreath with twine and colorful crochet flowers

6 spring flower wreath after myfixituplife

I found myself in meditative happiness when making this fun spring wreath I have been raiding my craft supplies lately making new things. Part of the craft craze is that it’s spring, and a perfect time to sew, crochet, glue, and paint on our porch. Indeed, crafting al fresco is … see more

Looking for a fun succulent planter? How about a birdhouse? Here’s the DIY.

Z Birdhouse succulent craft myfixituplife after green

Make a happy little succulent planter from a little $1 birdhouse. Succulents have been so popular for several years. They are easy to care for, offer options for display, and provide chunky texture in a home all year round. I’m a fan. For this project, the supplies required include several items that can … see more

VIDEO: Building a deck: Top-Down Framing, Part 1

building a deck

This building a deck video covers tips and techniques for what I call top-down framing. Hopefully, I cover enough ground to give both pros and DIYers some traction for the next deck project. Step 1 for building a deck is getting a building permit. And if there’s an existing deck, … see more

Man Vs. Lawn: How to build an awesome raised garden bed!

raised garden bed

I loved making this raised garden bed. What one for yourself? Here it comes. Also, I’ll warn you now. It was hot and I need to share that. I mention it about 45-times throughout the article. Note: We partnered with Wood It’s Real for this article. The design, how-to, 9-10 … see more

Weekend DIY Projects You Can Totally Do: How to Make a Shed Ramp

diy projects

A shed ramp is one of those DIY projects that is super easy to put off because it’s not immediately important. But once it’s done, you might wonder why you didn’t do it sooner, because: Little. Daily. Joy. Matters. Life improvement happens, a few steps—and a few boards—at a time. … see more

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