I’ve got a few tips to make shopping for a chandelier easier.

art deco chandelier dining room

Shopping for a chandelier can be overwhelming until you can unlock some of the mystery. Whether your style is coastal casual or art deco or industrial funk, there is a chandelier for you. With finishes ranging from wood and wrought iron to upcycled bottles and fishing lures to crystal and … see more

Ho Ho Holiday lights are fun diy projects. Here’s ‘pinspiration.’

3 Holiday light interior sign Merry Bright

If you are new to decorating for the holidays, or trying a new thing like stringing lights, our biggest and best-used advice is to start small. Segment the project into smaller projects, and tackle each. This way you can celebrate small achievements, and have the option to stop at the end of any of the projects and save those ideas for next year.

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Join #HossDesign home chat! How to glitter like a grown-up in home design

myfixituplife Sophisticated and luxe this bedroom is delicate and full of shine moments. #hossdesign

It is possible to use glitter and achieve a sophisticated ‘design home.’ The delicate shimmer of glitter can inspire your sophisticated home décor, if you know how to use glitter without actually using glitter. Say what? Yes, you can use glitter, sparingly, but whenever I’m using an inspiration, I try to not … see more

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