The succulent garden trend. So what do we need to know to get started?

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Images of succulent gardens are raging on social media, but is it an in-real-life trend? I’ve been reading about succulents and interviews with growers and sellers, and the popularity of the fun-shaped thick-leaved beauties is real. So the #succulents on Instagram that’s ranking at about 2.5 million posts is reflecting … see more

Theresa is asking: Are we going back to black in our dream kitchens?

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While there has been a surge back to black in European markets, the trend to black and other options has been slower elsewhere. But it is picking up as a trend. Black and darker colors have made their way back into the kitchen (just take a peek at Pinterest), and now there are really good alternatives to stainless steel in appliance finishes. see more

This year’s trend in kitchen colors. Is black the new black? #HossDesign

Black slate dishwasher is a elevated look for the black options in appliances.

Black has been appearing as a popular color in homes, and now we are seeing it become a popular Pinned idea on Pinterest.

Let’s talk about the trend of black in kitchens on our next HossDesign chat. Is black winning against neutrals where you live? see more

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