MyFixitUpLife talk show: Design + construction trends (with selfies)

Mark and Theresa are taking a selfie with DIY Network's Stephen Fanuka

What happens when high-energy experts talk design and construction trends? A lot of advice surrounded by silliness. MyFixitUpLife talk show is thrilled to be part of the Wellborn Cabinet‘s showplace at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Vegas. Broadcast live from their booth, hosts Mark and Theresa talked about … see more

Sledgehammer it?! Let’s talk demo on MyFixitUpLife talk.

Jason Cameron - MyFixitUpLife- Google Hangout - Sledgehammer

Ready for demo? We’re talking sledgehammers and demo tips on this episode of MyFixitUpLife. Should you sledgehammer it? Looks like an easy, fun way to rip through all of that unwanted parts of your house, but is it really? If you’ve ever picked up a sledgehammer and slammed through some … see more

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Game Day DIY with Tailgating and Man Caves


  It’s the tailgating time of year. From football to the Fall Classic to just getting outdoors. We’re talking with DIY Network‘s resident Man Cave expert Jason Cameron about powering your place for some NFL-sized man cave fun. And we check in with Lee Hurley, Editor-in-Chief of the true tailgater’s … see more

Jason Cameron from DIY Network’s ‘Desperate Landscapes’ talks w/ Mark and Theresa

Jason Cameron host of 'Desperate Landscapes' and 'Man Caves'

Jason Cameron host of DIY Network’s ‘Desperate Landscapes’ and ‘Man Caves’ talks w/ Mark & Theresa Theresa: And you are inside MyFixitUpLife with my husband Mark. Mark: And my wife Theresa. And I’m feeling kinda desperate today…desperate to go outside cause it’s like awesome degrees out right now. Theresa: It’s … see more

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Going that extra yard

Jason Cameron

From caves to castles and pick-axes to princess parks, we’re kickin’ it up and cruising outside. DIY Network host and Men’s Health Magazine fitness expert Jason Cameron runs from Man-Cavin’ it to outta-sight outdoor Desperate Landscapes. And host of HGTV’s My Yard Goes Disney Brandon Johnson embarks with us on … see more

The Roof: Designs on Taking the Outside In

Here’s one of the awesome things about design: it reinvents things. It takes the common and makes it uncommon. I’ve seen a lot of this from Theresa who has done incredible things on both a large and small scale. I’ve also seen it on the 5 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition … see more

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