Biggest bathroom blunders? DIY Network’s ‘I Hate My Bath’ Jeff Devlin talks

Jeff Devlin headshot

What are the biggest DIY mistakes made in the bathroom? We’re finding out from DIY Network’s ‘I Hate My Bath’ host Jeff Devlin.

Where there’s water and electricity running through the walls, there’s many opportunities for mistakes to happen in a DIY project. Added to it, the bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in any home and sometimes it can be the smallest, too. It’s a recipe for things to go wrong. see more

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Outdoor rooms and curb appealing colors with Ahmed Hassan

Fun interview with Ahmed Hassan and Damon Lang

Expert guests Ahmed Hassan, Jeff Devlin, Kate Smith, and more, share tips to make your next home makeover a success.   Why is it easier to makeover the inside of your home than the outside? We’re talking with experts about how to fix-up your home’s exterior, and sharing some amazing … see more

Interview: Jeff Devlin talks all about baths and bathrooms

Jeff talks all about baths, bathrooms, and Billy Dee Williams with Mark & Theresa . Theresa:          And you are inside MyFixitUpLife, and I really enjoy that you have a lot of energy, but I don’t know if I enjoy your dancing so much. Mark:              Well, I hate my bath. Theresa:          … see more

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Surface Style at Home


On this episode on MyFixitUpLife, we’re talking bathrooms with DIY Network’s ‘I Hate My Bath’ host Jeff Devlin, Master Plumber Ed Del Grande, National Kitchen and Bath Association president John Morgan, interior designer Susan Serra, and Formica’s Todd Vezina. From inner beauty to surface style we’re coming to you from … see more

MyFixitUpLife talk: Kitchen and Bath Showdown


On this episode of MyFixitUpLife talk show: MyFixitUpLife’s Mark and Theresa are broadcasting from the Multimedia Stage at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in New Orleans. Tyler Wisler the New York Design Guy and HGTV Design Star hones in on spotting good design by the smile on your face … see more

Kitchen Island Installation Blunders

Installing A Kitchen Island

Question: What blunders might I expect—or try to avoid—installing a kitchen island? Answer: The main blunder is mis-sizing it. Just because a certain combination of base cabinets “fits” in the space, it doesn’t mean it makes any sense for how you live in the space. First, pick what you think … see more

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