VIDEO: Building a deck: Top-Down Framing, Part 1

building a deck

This building a deck video covers tips and techniques for what I call top-down framing. Hopefully, I cover enough ground to give both pros and DIYers some traction for the next deck project. Step 1 for building a deck is getting a building permit. And if there’s an existing deck, … see more

Interview: Made in America’s Mark Andol talks with MyFixitUpLife

Made in America store creator shares his story with MyFixitUpLife's Mark and Theresa

Mark Andol from the Made in America Store, talks about his journey, having everything 100% made in the USA and touring the country, with MyFixitUpLife. Mark: We’re made in America, 100%. Theresa: We are. Mark: Right here. Born in these United States. Theresa: Yes. Mark: My wife born. Theresa: Yes, … see more

Deck Tear-down, Rebuilt Beautifully

A pressure washer can damage a deck.

Mark and Theresa tear down a crumbling deck and build it back better for a family of four. They used Waste Management’s Bagster Bags to haul the old deck, Culpepper Wood Preservers pressure treated framing from Niece Lumber, and Western Red Cedar for the new pergola bays, diagonal decking, and … see more

Deck: Your Two Cents

Deck Building

Request for Two Cents on Deck Building via FixitUp Facebook Friend: I’m building a deck soon. Give me your $.02 on materials for railings, decking, framing? Two Cents Hopefully this is worth at least two cents (or two cold ones when I’m done.) : Design and Budget We like to … see more

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