DIY woodworking project: How to make a burnt wood checker board


I call my woodworking, ‘workbench woodworking’ because I am not set up for the high-end stuff (I may be missing about 300% of the skill required too. However, I still love making things, so I try to keep them simple to match the tools I have and materials I love. … see more

DIY grill hack: Build a platform for your grill

Grill Hack

We live in a house built loooong before there was such a thing as a gas grill or any other other consumer grill to speak of, so we were perfect candidates for our own outdoor living grill hack: A grill platform made from wood you can build yourself. Because our … see more

Time saving tools? Here are six must haves

Time save tools - Improvenet - MyFixitUpLife

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re on a ladder or, gulp, step-stool. You’ve got screws in your mouth, a pencil behind your ear, wire pliers on the ladder tray and that bracket thing for the ceiling fan electrical box in your front pocket along with the wire nuts and some … see more

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