A birdcage makeover into a DIY cat bed. Sylvester the cat would be proud.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat Restore_Cat bed_9578

So it might not be everyone’s reaction to seeing a birdcage, but as a cat mom, a DIY cat bed seemed perfect. Both of my cats are on the petite side of the feline community, and I’m familiar with their obsession with snuggling in tight spaces. see more

11 Demolition tools that’ll get your junk worked (can I say that?)

Demolition tools

When it’s time to wreck it, demolition tools do the bashin’ and trashin’. Behold the destroyers and protectors. Just ask DIY Network’s Jason Cameron, demo is one of those things. Despite it’s ‘strong back, weak mind all-adrenaline’ appeal, screw ups are not just easy to make doing demo, but they … see more

Steampunked an ‘Industrial Organic’ design makeover for Food Network’s ‘Save My Bakery’

Theresa showing off her 'bell-t' at Holmesburg Bakery for Save My Bakery - MyFixitUpLife

The father-and-son at Holmesburg Bakery couldn’t agree on anything, but they agreed that they loved our steampunk ‘Save My Bakery’ makeover.’ Holmesburg Bakery needed a vibe of calm. The energy of the space was disjointed and hectic. And it showed all too well in the layout and decor of the … see more

Cynthia from North Carolina won the Rockwell Jawhorse, Cordless Drill, and Worx Chainsaw

Congratulations Cynthia! Cynthia won a Rockwell Jawhorse and Cordless Drill/Rotary Hammer, plus Worx Chainsaw! And what better project for these three tools than creating your own reindeer sculpture from wood. Contest details: Enter to win the Jawhorse/Worx tools shown in this video by filling out the online contest form. Deadline … see more

MyFixitUpLife talk show: American Picking w/ Frank Fritz

Today we’re setting a pick. The History channel‘s American picker Frank Fritz pit stops from his endless archaeological road trip to talk treasures and trash, codgers and cash, barns, bikes, and a vintage vanload more. Check out Frank’s site at frankfritzfinds.com if you have great old items to share. And Robin … see more

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