3 Things to Know Before Painting Patterns on Walls

Sunroom makeover MyFixitUpLife

Painting patterns? Achieve perfect geometric shapes with these easy tips.  The paint pattern’s best friend is painter’s tape. If you haven’t been successful with painter’s tape, I have a few tips that can make you a Zen master in no time. If you’ve ever successfully used painter’s tape, you are … see more

Painting a room? Whole house? Here’s a time saver

Painting a room

Painting a room is something almost all of us take on at some time in our lives. For some it’s passion; others a headache. In both cases, tools that work make it better. Like light sabers. I’m a contractor. I’m also a DIYer in the sense that I’m working on … see more

In an afternoon, I updated the color of my mom’s bathroom vanity cabinet

bathroom remodeling

Slow and steady is how I like to paint vanity cabinets for that factory finish look. Yes, you can paint your cabinets. No, you shouldn’t expect to paint them in just one coat. You’ve probably heard experts weigh-in on both sides of the ‘paint your cabinets’ opinion fence. If you … see more

Video—How to make an obstacle race training rig

obstacle race training

Thinking about building an obstacle race training wall, spear throw or rig for your next race?  We were lucky and got to design one for our local YMCA. Here’s how we made it obstacle course race tough (and a few other things you might want for the one you build). … see more

AROO! We built a wall to help train for Spartan Race at a YMCA. #WhyIRace

ostacle race training

As the obstacle course race popularity increases, we’ve seen training groups pop up around where we live. To help get future Spartans ready for the race, Mark and Theresa designed and built a Spartan training apparatus at a local YMCA. see more

Design a DIY pallet project: A few tips to help you get started

Pallet Projects - Pinterest - MyFixitUpLife

For me, working with pallets is like going to the thrift store for a fun vintage find. I’m diving into a world of unknown opportunities. Everything is different, they might not have what I love in the size I need, and while functional, an item may need some enhancement or alteration to truly work for what I’m envisioning. see more

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