DIY Fitness: How to make an obstacle course training rig in your back yard

diy fitness

I’m starting a new trend, perhaps you’ve never heard of it: DIY Fitness. It’s a blend of three things I love—makin’ stuff, fitness, and saving lots of time. With all this adult-ing to do: Mortgage, lawn mowing, feeding cats, and my work life of DIY where I need to fix … see more

Make a DIY planter from an old wood chair


I saw an old wood chair at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and I thought DIY planter! I love an excuse to plant flowers. So when I saw a charming old wood chair, I thought of how I could transform it into a planter. I dismantled the chair using … see more

Kids room decorating ideas for baseball fans

2015_Boy Cave_Bat Shelf_After 2

Attention parents of baseball fans: Check out this kids room decorating idea, purpose-built for your favorite baseball fan. FACT: Your children want your time, not your money. Money is freaking awesome and I love long romantic walks to the bank, but they want you. This is a way you can … see more

Pinterest project: How to make a rustic, reclaimed table, No pallet needed

Pinterest project

There’s no telling what Pinterest project is the one that breaks the internet. Mason jars, pallets, ‘reclaimed’ lumber…they’re all popular. I love working wood. I do. I also love the soldering so here’s how I combined some them: Reclaimed lumber and 1-inch copper pipe to make an inexpensive, real rustic … see more

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