Old House, New Roof—Before and After-Shock II

Cutting in a ridge vent.

  There’s more to the Before and After-Shock story—everything from customer service to insulation details, that I think are worth going into for old house owners and contractors. So here’s a recap of the story and some new thoughts. Recap. After installing a new roof on an old house the … see more

Old House, New Roof–Before and After Shock

So good news: Our old house/new roof installation gets installed as planned. We take a lame-o and withering 3-tab shingle roof and upgrade to a 50 year warranty Bellaforte Slate roof. The 130 year old house gets a roof consistent with the neighborhood and its Georgian pedigree. We also have … see more

MyFixitUpLife talk show: Cool Roofs, Solar Power, Green Products for Your Home Improvement Projects

Mark and Theresa are going up on the roof to take the heat out of the house. From solar-power to green remodeling tips, there are so many ways to cool off your energy bills and keep cash where you want it: inside your bank account. Mark and Theresa share information about … see more

How do I vent my roof?

Hi guys, I enjoy the show and wish my old American Four Square’s projects moved along as rapidly as yours. I’d like to insulate my attic ceiling, too, but the roof leaks (even into the walls when the ice dams) so I’ll need to replace the slate roof first. Good … see more

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