DIY Mower Maintenance: Sharpen a lawnmower blade and clean the mower deck

sharpen a lawnmower blade

So this was a fun discovery: I can sharpen a lawnmower blade with a Dremel tool and metal grinding attachment. Then I can de-gunk the caked-on grass with a Hyde painter’s tool. I’ve used lots of tools for these jobs. None work as well as this tag team. I used … see more

What’s the best cordless drill for DIY and home improvement projects?

cordless drill

This is a question I get asked from time-to-time: What’s the best cordless drill to get for DIY and home improvement projects? My answer usually isn’t a brand recommendation—there are lots of really top notch tools out there. Instead, what I usually recommend is to buy a certain type of … see more

Tool Review: Ridgid’s Whalin’ Wormdrive

Cutting Deck Joists

  Ridgid’s R32102 wormdrive is a pro-grade circ saw that cuts fast, smooth, and does comes up big in both the power and prowess I need from rough to trim carpentry. I came up in the trades on the East Coast. Every circ saw I used was a sidewinder style … see more

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