Video: How to Make a Plunge Cut with a Jigsaw

In this video for This Old House, Mark demonstrates how to use a jigsaw to easily cut into the center of a board without drilling pilot holes for the blade. Plunge-cutting is tricky, but if you master the technique, it’s a fast and efficient option. Learn how to: • Plunge-cut without drilling pilot holes Click here to […]


Video: How to Use Your Jigsaw’s Speed Setting

In this video for This Old House, Mark explains how to choose and adjust your speed setting. Sometimes your level of control depends on what type of material you are cutting. To see how the jigsaw will react when cutting, try using the lowest speed setting first. Then you can dial up the speed if […]


Video: Tips on How to Use the Shoe of your Reciprocating Saw

In this video for This Old House, Mark shares a few tricks and tips on how to utilize the shoe of the saw to its utmost potential. The shoe is often adjustable, which allows greater access to different areas of the blade and can extend the blade’s life. For better control with certain cuts, use the shoe […]


Reciprocating saw tip: Plunge-cut without disaster

This Old House contributor Mark Clement demonstrates how to use the reciprocating saw to cut through a wall. Sometimes pipes or other materials are hidden behind drywall. Rather than cutting straight through, creating a plunge cut is a helpful precaution that may help you avoid costly mistakes in your demolition. Click here to watch the video […]

Kevin O'Connor

Interview: Kevin O’Connor talks Universal Design

This Old House host Kevin O’Connor talks universal design, landscaping, and roller skates with MyFixitUpLife hosts Mark and Theresa.   Mark:                    And you are back inside MyFixitUpLife with my wife Theresa. Theresa:              And my husband Mark. Mark:                    And we’re talking new and old.  And we’re here with the new old This Old […]


MyFixitUpLife talk: Old House, New House

On this episode we’re tackling a tough homeowner question: Renovate an old house or build from the ground up? There are so many reasons for both, from sustainability to style. And since house sales are starting to take off again, there seems to more choices back on the table for everyone. So we’re talking renovating […]

Roger Cook

Interview: Roger Cook & Tom Silva talk landscaping, exterior work, and how they started in the business

Mark:              You are back inside MyFixitUpLife with my wife Theresa. Theresa:          And my husband Mark. Mark:              A very old house and two extraordinary contractors from This Old House, Roger Cook and Tom Silva. Roger:             My husband, Tom. Tom:                What’s up? Mark:              Those questions are on this side of the paper. Moving on. Theresa:          Yes. We […]

Cambridge Exterior Finished Product

Interview: Norm Abram talks Cambridge Project, Saving Trim and Waterfall Countertops

Norm Abram talks with MyFixitUpLife’s Mark and Theresa about This Old House’s Cambridge project and the details of the waterfall countertop. Mark:              You are back inside MyFixitUpLife with my wife Theresa. Theresa:          And my husband, Mark. Mark:              We are on the set of This Old House’s 34th season, the wrap in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and […]

Mark This Old House Circular Saw 101

Mark talks Circular Saw 101: How to Use the Sightlines for This Old House

In this video, This Old House contributor Mark Clement demonstrates how to properly operate the shoe of the circular saw. Some saws contain notches on the shoe that can help you align the saw with the correct cutline for cutting at 90 degrees or at unique angles. Learn how to: • Utilize the notch feature […]

Jefferey Earnhardt

MyFixitUpLife talk: It’s ON!

  It’s ON! We’re bringing it fast and bright from Leviton’s teched-out, tuned-in power hub at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. Our homes get better and our gardens grow greener when Better Homes and Gardens editor Jill Waage cruises in to curate our collection. Fine Homebuilding Magazine’s Debra Silber sneak-peaks pro-grade how-to and […]

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