Tool Review: Ryobi inflator/deflator is the best sawdust blower ever.

TOOLS WE USE: MyFixitUpLife's Mark reviews the Ryobi 18-volts inflator/deflator

Ryobi’s P738 inflator may be the perfect tool for clearing away annoying sawdust and debris. Note: We teamed up with The Home Depot for this blog. However, the opinions here—and full-tilt freak out for this lime green goodness—are 100% MyFixitUpLife’s. Tool review in two-sentences: Ryobi’s P738 inflator is the first … see more

Ode to tools and how-to & Tool Review: Hitachi Narrow Crown Stapler

tools and how-to

An ode to tools and how-to –By carpenter Mark Clement Oh, Hitachi narrow crown stapler, thank you for letting me do a tool review of you. To make matters worse And maybe a curse This tool review I’ll do Will come as a rhyme, You know, in verse. Take the … see more

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