Fall home improvement: Troy-Bilt cordless lawn and leaf blower review

home improvement

I swear, maybe it’s the caveman in me or flannel-swaddled North-Easterner I am, there is something about Fall (and all the other seasons in their own wonderful ways) home improvement and ‘season-get-readiness’ I love. And yes, tools play a role in the love affair! From battery run time to on-lawn … see more

Stuff that works: Lawnmower madness that’ll make your grass happy


Getting ready to buy a lawnmower? Read this. From lawn nuts to guys who just want the green stuff shorter than it was before, here’s some stuff to know before you mow. Push It Real Good. For most mows, I like a simple, well-built push-mower. No lasers. No internet connection. … see more

Interview: Mark and Theresa talk with Consumer Reports, Mike DiLauro

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports, Mike DiLauro talks windows, lawn mowers and grills with MyFixitUpLife’s Mark and Theresa. Mark: It’s bright, sunny daylight here, not that we’d know because we’re inside – Theresa: Yes! Mark: – the Las Vegas Convention Center, where it’s perpetual daylight. Theresa: It is perpetual daylight.  I want to … see more

Clutter Cutter: Storage for Garage, Shop, and Shed

Clutter Cutter Garage and Tool Storage Solution

This Clutter Cutter is a simple, fun storage solution for indoors or out. As much as I love working on my garden and landscape I dislike rooting around in a garage, shed, shop, basement, or outdoor storage area disentangling the various shovels, rakes, hoses, cords, and whatever other outdoor accoutrements … see more

Today’s Tip: Lawn Mowing Stripes—Change Direction

Alternating mowing direction helps keep grass healthy and minimizes ruts.

Switch up how you mow your grass (north-south/east-west/diagonal.) If your mower stripes your grass, it gives a fresh look. And, if you’re (literally) mowing tracks in your grass with a heavier mower a direction-change can help ruts and cuts recover.

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