Upcycle idea: DIY a paint tray into an awesome sink caddy!

Upcycle idea

This upcycle idea was born of a problem I face about 80-times a day: That there is no actual place for the stuff we use about 80-times a day. Seriously: There is just no actual location in space-time for dish soap, hand soap and the sponge. I even looked up … see more

Roadside discards: Trash or treasure? w/ My Repurposed Life’s Gail Wilson

gail My Repurposed Life - MyFixitUpLife

Gail Wilson from My Repurposed Life joins MyFixitUpLife for this Google+ Hangout. Are Roadside discards trash or treasure? So when you see discarded furniture and somewhat useful items on the side-of-the-road, how do you know if they’re worth repurposing? We’re asking Gail Wilson, upcycling expert and host of My Repurposed … see more

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