Cedar Pergola: Beauty In The Extreme

Cedar Pergola and Fence Brave The Seasons.

It’s easy to love your wood pergola, deck, playset, or outdoor space when the sun is shining and it’s all board shorts, cookouts, and kids kicking around in the grass. But it’s extreme weather that tests a wood’s mettle. That’s why we prefer cedar for our outdoor projects. And Western Red Cedar’s proven, natural … see more

Shake It Up! Bellaforte Shake Roofing Tiles That Rock

Bellaforte roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

  I have a whole “thing” I get into below about DaVinci‘s new Bellaforte Shake roofing tiles, but after getting an early look at them, I’m wasting time not starting at: BAM! DaVinci didn’t just do a great job on these shake-style tiles, they did a GREAT job on these … see more

Installing Deck Boards: Rings Up Or Down

Question: I am building a deck. I have heard that some carpenters install the deck boards with the bark side of the deck board facing up. I want to build this right. What’s your take? Answer: My take is this: good question. There has been conversation about this amongst deck … see more

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