Busy kid carpenters

Jack had other plans than being in the family photoIt doesn’t take much to inspire our kids to get moving.

I was asked to post a family photo of us–or at least a photo of Mark and me–on the front page of MyFixitUpLife website. A simple request, right? Well, when I searched through my iPhoto, I was hard-pressed to find one of the four of us, and equally dumbfounded to not find one other than our wedding photo of Mark and me.

It’s not like we don’t take photos almost every day at our house. We photograph our projects for magazine articles and websites. It seems we have so many photos of projects that it would be hard to not have something to post.

Mark and Jack walking down the street

Mark and Jack walking down the street

But, it’s just like the cobbler’s kid who doesn’t have shoes. We spend so much time documenting everything we do, that we don’t get around to the regular family portraits. (With my sister as a Creative Memories consultant, you’d think I’d be better at it, right?)

Lexi hammering

Lexi working on a Barbie clothes project using a cut-off of Western Red Cedar

So, when Grandma was visiting last week, we asked her to take a few family photos. And well, Jack had other plans. He wanted to run up and down the sidewalk with his dad. And, Lexi was immediately inspired to build a project for her Barbie dolls.

So while Mark was chasing Jack around the block, I was fetching nails for Lexi out of our shop.

For me, the best part is that it’s never dull at our FixitUpLife. So, we might not have a lot of planned family portraits, but we do have a fun family life.

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