Tool Review: Dremel Saw-Max Multi-Saw—Ready and able for DIY projects

Tool Review in two sentences: The Dremel Saw-Max is a kind of hybrid angle grinder/circular saw that is a surprisingly good entry-level tool for DIY projects and home repairs. In Dremel’s 3-tool combo kit—the way I got it—it’s even better. Here’s a deeper look.

dremel saw-max

The Dremel Saw-Max is a versatile, multi-material cutter ideal for lots of DIY projects.

We’re part of The Home Depot’s ProSpective Program and we worked with Big Orange on this blog. The ideas, opinions and observations are 100% MyFixitUpLife’s. For more specs or to buy the the Dremel 3-Tool Combo Kit, click the link.

The other two tools—or very similar versions—have already been through the shop. The Multi-Max oscillating tool (video) and the Dremel 3000 rotary tool (video) are helpful DIY tools for everything from flooring installations to drywall cut-outs to sharpening the lawnmower blade. Combined with the power-saw/grinder, I think the whole kit is a good value and a great “get-started” tool for DIY and home repairs of a wide variety.

Dremel Saw-Max

Sittin’ pretty on the workbench.

Since we haven’t done a deep dive on this unit, that’s what this blog will focus on.

I used the tool to cut copper pipe—I love making things out of soldered copper pipe—with its grinder wheel on. It cut the pipe cleanly and easily. Impressed.

dremel saw max

The wood/plastic blade is more of an abrasive than a toothy saw blade.

Next, I changed the blade to cut 1/4-inch plywood. I was surprised to find that the blade is more of an abrasive wheel than a circular saw blade. It left a reasonably clean cut. It was easy to see the line and make a straight cut and the tool was really easy to hold in my hand.

dremel saw max

Blade depth adjustment works nicely.

The blade depth on the Dremel Saw-Max is adjustable too, which is nice. It’s not really a ton of range (3/4-1 1/8-inches) but any time you have options, it’s usually a good thing.

dremel saw-max

The tool is reverse-threaded—lefty-tighty—and the yellow sticker is a good reminder.

The blade change works just fine. It is an Allen key (included). Just a heads up, it’s a nearly 100% certainty you’ll lose it. There’s no place for it on the tool and it just sits in the bag. So, if you change blades often, either have a black-up wrench or be pretty methodical about putting the wrench back in the bag every time you use it. Not a big deal. Just something to look out for.

dremel saw-max

The grinder wheel made cuts in 1/2-inch copper pipe easily. Impressive, really.

In addition to the wrench for the this puppy also comes with 2-grinder wheels and the wood blade (which also cuts plastic). The other tools come with a smattering of stuff too.

Overall, the Dremel Saw-Max is a tool I can see lots of uses for, especially for entry-level DIY and crafty stuff—cutting plexiglass comes to mind. You can also cut copper and PVC (say you’re making a soccer goal from PVC pipe for example). Versatile and easy to use.

Dremel 3-Tool Combo Kit: $229

Worth it: No doubt.

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