15 DIYers made wall art with me at Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Philly

I shared two fun hours with 15 DIYers at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Philadelphia.

Jessica Massaquoi made this Love wall art with a wall sconce and tile at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore workshop.

Jessica Massaquoi made this LOVE wall art with a wall sconce and tile at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore workshop.


I’m lucky that I get to spend time making art and doing DIY that actually helps raise money for others to have a home to live in.

That’s part of why I love ReStore so much. For us DIYers, we get inspired by what’s in the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and we know the money we spend is going to a good cause. It’s a win-win-win.

In this workshop, I coached 15 other DIYers to make something. I provided a blank board, glue, paint, tools, and brought along a few recent projects that I’ve created from shopping Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

While at first everyone looked at me with the ‘oh. ok.’ look, it only took a few minutes for everyone to have an idea of what to create. I think as grown-ups, we are so ready to be instructed in a workshop or a meeting, or wherever we go. And giving them the freedom to create, and providing the tools to create, they all said it felt like when they were kids. And they all were inspired to make something unique, from sheet music holder to eye glass collection display to fun sayings like love.

So I tried to more like a coach then an instructor, to give everyone the freedom to create and make their project in the way they wanted.

We cut, we glued, we screwed, we painted thanks to our friends at Rockwell tools, Krylon, HYDE tools, and Gorilla Glue everyone could transform cool stuff from tile and molding to utensils and switch plates at the habitat restore workshop.

And at the end of the two hours, we all of us made something perfect for our homes.


2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_DSC_6952


2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_Sanding DSC_6867 2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_Tile workDSC_6883 2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_Rockwell SonicrafterDSC_6888 2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_Rockwell BladeRunner_DSC_6959 2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_DSC_7045 2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_DSC_7069 2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_DSC_7039 2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_DSC_7023 2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_DSC_7033 2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_DSC_7019 2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_DSC_7010


Wilma Guzman-Perez 2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_DSC_7015 2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_DSC_6989 2015_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat DIY WorkShop_DSC_6997

Allieu Bangura

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