10yo Jack reviews “What Can You Do with a Toolbox?” with Novel Effect app

Learn about and listen to the sounds of construction tools in the book “What Can You Do with a Toolbox?”

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The popular TV designers and builders Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri authored a book called ‘What Can You Do with a Toolbox?’

I think ‘What Can You Do with a Toolbox’ is a cute story to read to your children. It teaches you about the basic tools in life you usually see construction workers use. It has a basic idea, but the idea is used in a good way.

The first thing that happens in the book is that some kids find a big red box on the ground. They find out that it is a toolbox.

The Novel Effect app lets you hear what you can do with a toolbox.When you find the book on the app, tap it. Read the book out loud and you will hear sound effects. I have to admit that the sounds are kind of funny. Download the Novel Effect app to experience what I did.

What will they do with the toolbox? Read the book with your child, or with your class if you’re a teacher, to find out more!

What Can you do with a toolbox Anthony Carrino John Colaneri

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