Home design solutions for better living with Alzheimer’s disease

Salad avocado red plate Alzheimer's disease MyFixitUpLife Theresa

For something that seems as simple as eating, it can be confusing when there are perception and sensory issues from the disease. Patterns, options, and color can be difficult to interpret for some with Alzheimer’s. There are a few things that we can do to make the experience of sharing a meal with an Alzheimer’s loved one better and way less stressful for everyone. see more

There are a few reasons why we get produce from our local Pennypack Farm.

1 Pennypack farm MyFixitUpLife Theresa

Our family consumes a lot of produce every week, and our favorite place to get our veggies is from our local Pennypack Farm. Sometimes I feel like our kitchen counter and refrigerator look more like a farmer’s market than a family’s kitchen. We consume a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit … see more

Looking for a fun succulent planter? How about a birdhouse? Here’s the DIY.

Z Birdhouse succulent craft myfixituplife after green

Make a happy little succulent planter from a little $1 birdhouse. Succulents have been so popular for several years. They are easy to care for, offer options for display, and provide chunky texture in a home all year round. I’m a fan. For this project, the supplies required include several items that can … see more

A meditation space inspires and soothes with hues of blue and gold

Creating this meditation space required the perfect paint color and intentional object placement.
see more

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