Soldered copper pipe coat rack: I call the look “Mad Mod”

copper pipe coat rack

I took a chance with this copper pipe coat rack design. And I’m glad I did. Somwhere between woodworking and plumbing and design, it was touch and go there for a few minutes. Note: We’re proud to say we’re Torchbearers and partnered with Bernzomatic to produce this post. The DIY, … see more

Love, it’s what goes in the best kitchen sink. Elkay USA: building forever

kitchen sink

Elkay USA—makers of the magnificent kitchen sink—invited a few of us from the world of home improvement and social media on a factory tour of their Chicago facility. Their vessels for kitchen, bath and beyond arrive in their factory as impossibly heavy rolls of stainless steel and leave there the … see more

Man V. Home Improvement: Bringing our backyard playset back to life

backyard playset

If you have a backyard playset that needs some TLC, read this blog. I think I encountered every deck-stripping, finish-applying, pressure-washing challenge bringing this baby back up to snuff. Pick up a tip, or check out how to build your own. There’s something for everyone. Note: We partnered with Thompson’s … see more

Man Vs. Lawn: How to build an awesome raised garden bed!

raised garden bed

I loved making this raised garden bed. What one for yourself? Here it comes. Also, I’ll warn you now. It was hot and I need to share that. I mention it about 45-times throughout the article. Note: We partnered with Wood It’s Real for this article. The design, how-to, 9-10 … see more

Basement remodeling video: Use a Dremel to cut out a recessed light

Basement remodeling is hard. One of the many difficult things—at least for me—is cutting out recessed lights in drywall with any degree of accuracy. Quick note: The DIY and home improvement content is MyFixitUpLife’s. We’re partnered with Home Depot on this blog and video. They sent us the tool. I … see more

Man v. Pergola: How to clean, stain and seal a wood pergola

wood pergola

Build a wood pergola: Check. Maintain a wood pergola: NOT check.  Come with me on my journey as I make almost every mistake possible bringing this un-cared for pergola back from the depths of dinge. However, this story has a happy ending. I learned a lot and want to share … see more

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