How to make an electronics organizer | Inudstrial-look DIY with solder

electronics organizer

I need an electronics organizer. I do not, however, need something lame or complicated or large. So, I made one myself.   With this device caddy, I experimented with some new (to me) materials and I’m glad I did. I got to try out some new shapes and looks and, … see more

A birdcage makeover into a DIY cat bed. Sylvester the cat would be proud.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_Habitat Restore_Cat bed_9578

So it might not be everyone’s reaction to seeing a birdcage, but as a cat mom, a DIY cat bed seemed perfect. Both of my cats are on the petite side of the feline community, and I’m familiar with their obsession with snuggling in tight spaces. see more