Basement remodeling video: Use a Dremel to cut out a recessed light

Basement remodeling is hard. One of the many difficult things—at least for me—is cutting out recessed lights in drywall with any degree of accuracy.

Quick note: The DIY and home improvement content is MyFixitUpLife’s. We’re partnered with Home Depot on this blog and video. They sent us the tool.

I miss recessed light cut outs with near 100% accuracy when I’m installing a ceiling. Drywall guys use rotary tools and are beyond fast and accurate. I’ve even had those get away from me. So I invented a different approach.

I use a line laser to mark the center of the device on the floor. Then I hang the sheet. Next I transfer the mark from the floor back up to the ceiling with the laser. I use my compass to swing a circle.

With the Dremel Home Depot sent me for this basement remodeling project, I nibble away at the line until I can get the plug out. It’s not fast like an ace drywall guy, but it is waaaaay faster and easier than going back later with tape and compound and sanding.

basement remodeling

Finished basements aint easy. I got a lot of mileage out of my Dremel MM45 for drywall install.

I also find more and more uses for my 3M face shield. I bought it for one, specific task. Now I use it all the time for all kinds of stuff: insulation, basement remodeling, power washing, and more.

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