Design lessons for Alzheimer’s disease and Autism spectrum families

Buz Coleman Alzheimer's disease Jack Clement grandson

We have a unique opportunity to help our clients, friends, and family who have a family member with autism or Alzheimer’s. Design and remodeling is about problem solving. And there are a lot of us with loved ones whose lives are centered around a disease or condition. My attention has … see more

Design strategies for reducing Sundowners in Alzheimer’s loved ones?

Sundowners happens to most people with Alzheimer’s. Design can help.

Sundowners happens to most people suffering from Alzheimer’s, but there are easy ways to reduce sundowners. Sundowning is a change in mood that happens late in the afternoon or evening. Someone suffering from Alzheimer’s may become more demanding, impulsive, suspicious, restless, insecure, and even hallucinate. Just like everything else with Alzheimer’s, … see more

Nature nurtures our Alzheimer’s loved ones. Design tips to make it happen

This galvanized steel and stained wood planter is visually easy to see, and helps define the yard.

Design strategies can help make it safer for your Alzheimer’s loved one to enjoy their backyards. Are you worried about taking your Alzheimer’s loved one outside, even in the backyard? You aren’t alone. But there are a few ways to make it less stressful for you and your family. Before you … see more

AlzDesign: Dining rooms that are less stressful for Alzheimer’s.

dining rooms

Eating is part of the essential activities for all of us, so why not try to make dining rooms a bit more accommodating for your Alzheimer’s loved one? If you’ve ever dined with an Alzheimer’s loved one, you know that there are issues not commonly found among other grown-up family members. … see more

AlzDesign: Design can reduce stress in the kitchen for an Alzheimer’s household.

Simple can be the best solution. This kitchen is uncluttered, and has a contrasting cabinet with the counter. The backsplash and counter would be better if the color were not the same.

There are ways you can make your kitchen reduce stress for you and your Alzheimer’s loved one. Kitchens are usually a flurry of activity and kitchen counters are notoriously covered in piles of random objects, It’s the evidence of a busy modern family. But, both the flurry and the piles … see more

Is eating with Alzheimer’s loved ones challenging? Let’s talk. #AlzDesign

Blue is America's favorite color, so if you aren't sure of a color to choose in the kitchen, it's the safest bet. The color contrast aid in visually differentiating the parts of the kitchen - oven, refrigerator, counter - and the retro style increases a sense of comfort, too. Shown here is a Big Chill kitchen.

Let’s take some of the stress out of eating with Alzheimer’s loved ones at home. #AlzDesign chat Eating is one of the activities of daily life (ADL) that health professionals talk about. There are five others: bathing, dressing, toileting, walking, and continence. Those basic activities aren’t usually thought about too much about … see more

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