ReStore makeover: Old chairs can be beautiful. Oh, and they talk?

I see personality in the objects we use for projects, and I’m sharing a look into my imagination for this ReStore makeover.

It happens every day.

When I’m in a new space or swoon for an object’s potential, I start attributing personality to it. It might sound silly or childish, but I think that being in touch with that inner-child-joy is essential to artists and designers. Joy allows us to open our brains to possibilities and fun, and gives us a way of creating a more trusting relationship with clients.

It’s hard to be creative and open to possibility when there’s a frown on our faces.

When I met a set of chairs that I picked up from Habitat for Humanity’s Philadelphia ReStore, I immediately saw their potential in about 5 different directions. And through the process of working on them and doing this ReStore makeover, I went from wanting to create a set of chairs with the same look, to seeing each chair as members of the same family. If you glance at them, they’re all unique. But if you hold that gaze for a bit longer, you’ll see that they might be more like fraternal twins.

Here’s what I did for each chair ReStore makeover:

The Corinne. The Corinne chair is all about flirty elegance. She has a fringe back attached to a vegetable mat. The cushion is black-and-white diamond pattern fabric I found on clearance at Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts. It’s a coral shade from Sherwin-Williams, and her feet are gold spray paint from Krylon. I used trim around the fringe and secured it with upholstery tacks in an aged finish.

The Carrie. The Carrie chair celebrates the outdoorsy glam that fits many busy health-conscious moms-on-the-go who haven’t forgotten the pleasure of a martini with friends. Her Verve Violet paint by Sherwin-Williams is a bold statement against her cushion and back made from a striped outdoor rug. If you peek a little closer, you’ll notice her silver feet and nail head trim.

The Zach. The Zach chair has a chill-boldness with its Krylon Sea Glass shade of calm turquoise, a simple pin striped back, and a bold orange and turquoise seat. It hold a little secret in its feet that glow-in-the-dark with the Glowz from Krylon.

I hope one of these chairs makes you smile.

If you’ve done a ReStore makeover, I’d love to know about it. Share the details in the comments below. Or head over to Twitter so we can talk right now.

ReStore makeover chairs before and after

This ReStore makeover was really fun. I made over each chair in a different, color and style. What do you think?


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