Formica 180fx: Design Delish

Astounding new colors in the Formica 180fx laminate line like River Gold and Red Dragon take our design mojo and crank it up waaaay more than a notch.

Formica 180fx Red Dragon

Formica 180fx Red Dragon—design delish.

If you’re exploring color shots for your designs you’ve got more than just new colors to cavort in, too. With a rainbow of choices in the Formica 180fx line there’s no shortage of the ‘wow’ you want from Magma Black (this is super new, but so awesome I have to mention it) to Petrified Wood and Slate Sequoia.

Some of the new 180fx colors rock Formica’s IdealEdge, which further enhances not just the color experience but how real they look. It’s truly hard to tell they’re not real stone counters, but more on that in a second. With different profiles and clipped corners for unique looks in locations all around the house, you’ll run your hands over them and be happy.

And your wallet will be happy to. When it comes time to plan your project Formica’s 180fx line is budget-friendly compared with stone which helps make your project design delish.

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