Un-bore your garage door!


Door a bore? Give it some giddy up!

Garage door a bore? Give it some giddy up.

Garages, attached to the house or not, are often mostly door, driveway, and some wall around it. The space defies deep detail. Of course you can add a nice door, dial up the siding, install some foundation plants and so on, but unlike the house where you can add accent and dimension (deck, porch, pergola, etc.) the garage remains, well, mostly door.

So think outside the door and swipe some details from your pergola or garden structure for the garage door bump-up. It’s a great way to give the door the depth its been dodging and deliver design choices for other spaces as well. Think brackets and double 2-by material running parallel to larger doors (sliders) and large windows. It’ll not only add some detail, but a potential sun break as well.

Make sure you get material that handle the span and think about ordering smooth or rough-sawn stock in any number of species like cedar or redwood. Add purlins and think about fun shapes you can make with your jigsaw.

Fypon Trellis Door

Trick out a smaller space by customizing the trellis.


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