Do you need to touch-up a painted wall? We got this.

We love paint, and we love it when it’s easy to touch up. Here’s a little tool that makes touch ups easier.


What?! Touch up painted walls fast.

Unless you live without any surprises, you’ve probably had to deal with a painted wall that needs a touch up. Whether it’s a child’s ‘experiments,’ a few wall art changes, or some other event that creates smudges, dings, and dents, it’s all easier to fix with one of our new favorite tools.

We’ve discovered this little Touch Up Painter from our friends at Shur-Line. It’s now an official member of our go-to tool team.

And if you are frustrated by the messiness caused while pouring paint from a can to a tray, you’ll want to fast forward to 0:45 in this video. Trust me. You’ll want this other handy tool, too.

Shur-Line paint touch up

The Shur-Line paint can lid makes pouring and storing so simple!

Shur-Line paint touch up

Here’s a little tool that makes touch ups easier.

Shur-Line Paint touch up

All done and ready to dry!

Family Wall Art

After touching up the wall we were able to hang our family wall art!

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  2. I’m so glad I stumbled across this post! My husband and I have been meaning to repaint our walls for so long now. We don’t want to change colors or anything, we just need to patch up random chips and scratches. It’s definitely good to know that two coats usually makes the color match better. Thanks for the tips!

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