MAD About Grout: The Hyde Regrout Tool


Hyde’s Regrout Tool makes quick work of stubborn grout.

I don’t mean “mad” in the kitchsy love sense.

I’m talking about the good-old-upset-kind of mad.

See, whether I’m sprucing up old tile (a great way to get a new look and save money) or doing maintenance or repair, I’ve raked off about a pound of skin from my knuckles using various cleaners, scrapers, and—worst of all—grout saws. The smaller the grout joint, the worse it is. Then there’s the dust. Zero fun.

What is fun is a tool that takes the pain out of the process and helps me reach my goal easier, faster and better.

Hyde’s Regrout Tool combines the control and ergonomics of a dental tool with the masonry-busting muscle of a jackhammer (albeit a really, really small one) in an easy-to-use, highly effective, paradigm-shifting tool.

Hyde’s Regrout Tool works in all kinds of tile—think hexagonal, square, mosaic, circular. It removes sanded or unsanded grout at up to 1-inch per second in joints from 1/64-inch to 1/8-inch wide. It will not damage even vintage tile. With 3-speeds, an 8-foot cord, and two carbide bits (chisel and point), you get all the go-juice you want with the pinpoint accuracy you need to remove lots of grout and reach into the corners where other tools simple don’t like to go.

From spruce-ups to fix-ups Hyde’s Regrout Tool takes the mad out of the job.



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