Clement & Dad…at the diner

Jack and Mark at the diner, in their team uniforms

Sometimes my dad and I like to suit-up like we’re an all-pro kind of team, and enjoy a good breakfast at the diner. (I let my Mom and Sassy come along, too, but they don’t dress in team colors. They are girls, you know, and not on this particular team.)

My Dad and I like to be in the window room, where I can approve of the cars, trucks, and buses going by. It’s a busy intersection, so there is a lot I have to oversee. And it’s important to announce — decisively — each type of vehicle as loud as possible. It’s just what you do.

I let my Dad be my back-up, just in case I have to read a book about trucks or roll a truck on a table or inspect some jelly. You know, reference materials and practice runs are important when you take vehicular work as seriously as me. And jelly is just fun to play with.

Jack inspecting the jelly

Now, occasionally we take a break from our important businesses to stuff our faces with pancakes and such. It’s just what you do.

I also like to tell the passersby a few of my catch phrases, in case they are concerned or nervous about my on-site inspection of vehicular traffic. You know how people get when there’s an official around, like me. So, “don’t worry about it” is a comment that I am particularly fond of.

And don’t forget to call Clement and Dad, if you need an onsite inspection. I let my Dad carry the tools while I work. It makes him feel good, I think, to be working near my knowledge.We always drive trucks, too, when we work. It’s just what you do.

See ya later. And, don’t worry about it, too much.

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