Kids can participate in a bedroom makeover. Here’s how.

No matter our age or how we live, personalizing a space makes it feel like it’s truly yours.

bedroom makeover Before, this bedroom had no personality. And the little girl explodes with charisma. My challenge was to make the bedroom fit the girl.

A bedroom makeover for a child is so fun. Kids can be super creative with their wishlists.

When a editor-friend from MomZette asked for a few design ideas on updating a kid’s bedroom, I could have talked for a few hours. There are so many fun and easy ways for kids, from baby on up, to take part in a bedroom makeover.

Yes, I said baby. Even a baby can help with a bedroom makeover.

One of my favorite ways for a baby to make his or her mark on a space, is through hand and foot prints. If you have white curtains, pillows or bed coverings, use your little one’s feet to make colorful and unique prints. They can be abstract or not. Little hand prints along the bottom of a curtain or prints as flowers can be super sweet, sentimental mementos from your little one.

For more ideas, I hope you’ll check out the ideas from the article on MomZette. And please share bedroom makeover ideas or questions in the comments section below. Happy DIYing. -t

Tips from a Design Diva
Theresa Clement, of, is the mom of a 7-year-old and a teenager. She lives to dream up creative ideas and build them with her contractor-husband, Mark, and she’s a pro at finding creative solutions for common decorating challenges. Here are some of her favorite ways to add personalized touches to a child’s bedroom. Click here to read more by Theresa. 



2015_MyFixitUpLife_Colletion Display

Display a collection: Our 7yo has “every Matchbox car ever created.” Placing them on a wall-mounted display rack gets them out of a jumbled heap, and within easy reach. “It also lets kids experience their toys in a different way — vertically.”

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