Paint job on your list? Get a perfect edge without tape or cutting-in.

A perfect paint job doesn’t require tape or tons of painting experience.

Shur-Line Edger - MyFixitUpLife - Paint job

You don’t have to be an experienced painter to edge perfectly.

Now that the tough part of selecting the perfect color is over with, it’s time to start your paint job.

If you were a fan of ‘Trading Spaces’ or other home makeover shows that start with lining the room with tons of tape, don’t worry. You won’t need it.

And you won’t need to know how to paint a straight line, either. So if you aren’t familiar with the concept of ‘cutting-in,’ it doesn’t matter. You do know that you want your paint job to look professional, even if it’s your first time opening a can of paint.

Our friends at Shur-Line spend all day long trying to make painting easier for every DIYer. They’ve made this nifty tool called the Shur-Line Edger and Edger Pro that helps every painter create a perfect edge.

Just gently dip the edger’s pad in the paint tray and wipe off any excess on the edge of the paint tray, then move the tool along baseboards, crown molding, tile, or other surfaces.

And when you are done, just pop off the pad and save your edger for your next paint job.

Yes, you can totally do this.

Check out this fun video of an expecting mom overcome the tape drama (oh, you gotta see that part) with the help of an edger and paint her baby’s bathroom a pretty shade of pale yellow. Oh, and a tiny bit of help from me. 🙂 -T


Tape - Paint Job - Shur-Line - MyFixitUpLife

Taping a room for perfect edges can be a little challenging. The Shur-Line Edger is here to help!

Shur-Line paint can lid - MyFixitUpLife

A Shur-Line Paint Can Lid can make storing and pouring easier, without drips.

Edger - ShurLine - MyFixitUpLife

Just dip the edger in the paint tray, and scrape off the excess.

Paint Project - MyFixitUpLife - ShurLine - Edger

Run along tile, baseboards, door trim, and other surfaces for a nice, easy clean line.

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