Popcorn ceiling or decor upgrade? Here’s a solution I love!

From the dreaded popcorn ceiling to style and home decor upgrades to basement remodeling, this video shows some how-to for installing a ‘5th wall’ I love.

It’s the Armstrong Woodhaven Plank and it’s awesome. Why?

For a ceiling, it’s incredibly easy to install. It comes factory-finished which is awesome! There’s no taping, mudding, sanding, or painting drywall. And—this might be my favorite—this one went in laser-flat!

I love it. And if I had deal with a popcorn (I’ve had to deal with it before; they’re difficult, costly, and—worst of all—beyond messy!) I’d totally install Woodhaven again.

popcorn ceiling - Armstrong

Defeat popcorn ceilings, dull design, and basement remodeling headaches with a plank style ceiling. This one is from Armstrong.

Popcorn ceiling

Installing an Armstrong Woodhaven Plank ceiling is fast and it goes in super flat.

popcorn ceiling

Some ceilings require a keen eye for math detail. This one is pretty easy. Impressed (and happy!)

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  1. Would you recommend this for a garage ceiling in a humid Gulf Coast area? Our current drywall (decades old) has basically fallen (and can’t get up) and needs to be replaced with something. If not this product, what do you recommend to put back up? Drywall again?

  2. David – Thanks for checking in. Yes. 100%. I have several reasons. Mainly, the system is designed for expansion and contraction in all directions. Combined with air flow above the ceiling (assuming you use the Easy-Up rails) and a factory-finish, I’d be comfortable recommending it. — I’d also check for moisture infiltration above the drywall. While I understand coastal humidity can wreak havoc, this seems pretty bad. There is no system you want moisture trapped behind. — Mark

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