Roof: Done Right, Done Once

When you see a raging wildfire race by, that’s one of those events that changes the way you see the world.

And that’s what happened to Dan Baer. Fifty homes in his area of Yorba Linda, CA were lost that day.


The only thing that kept his house from being 51 was luck. The wind kept the fire about a 1/2 mile away. But the inferno got him thinking—and worried—about the wood shingles he had on his house. So he made a change and the sense of relief inspired him to throw a party.


He hosted a soiree on his balcony to celebrate his new roof, which is a Bellaforte Slate from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Bellaforte Slate

Baer went with DaVinci for, well, a blend of a reasons. First was the fire rating: Class A. Bring it.

But he also dug the color variations and palette. He did a custom blend of four colors using DaVinci’s VariBlend technology which creates an infinite number of color shades in custom color and standard color blends.

And while the balcony bash is the public party to celebrate their new roof, the real party is after the lights go down and the Baer family can feel safer in their home than the did before the blaze. What’s more there will be no maintenance for five decades. Plus the lighter—but no less durable—Bellaforte tiles go in faster than other polymer tiles adding yet more value to the investment.

That’s reason enough to get fired up.

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