Tool Review: Ryobi inflator/deflator is the best sawdust blower ever.

Ryobi’s P738 inflator may be the perfect tool for clearing away annoying sawdust and debris.

TOOLS WE USE: MyFixitUpLife's Mark reviews the Ryobi 18-volts inflator/deflator

TOOLS WE USE: MyFixitUpLife’s Mark reviews the Ryobi 18-volts inflator/deflator

Note: We teamed up with The Home Depot for this blog. However, the opinions here—and full-tilt freak out for this lime green goodness—are 100% MyFixitUpLife’s.

Theresa MyFixitUpLife Habitat Minwax blowing sanding dust

This handy little tool helps to blow the sawdust out of the crevices really fast.

Tool review in two-sentences: Ryobi’s P738 inflator is the first ever tool I’ve reviewed that both says “for household use only” and is something I use nearly every day on projects. It may literally be the perfect tool for clearing away annoying sawdust and debris. Now here’s some nitty and some gritty if you want it.


MyFixitUpLife_Ryobi Inflator Tool Review Home Depot October 2017__

I don’t throw the word “perfect” around very often in a tool review (or ever), but this thing is pretty close.


The Ryobi P738 Inflator is for air mattresses and stuff like air mattresses, which I don’t know what other examples are. So let’s stay with air mattresses. (see or buy it here)

And, come to think of it, while I didn’t bother with an air mattress for this tool review (I’m sure it’s fine considering its overwhelming awesomeness) as an inflator it doesn’t do car or bike tires or balls so it’s not really helping me much with any other part of my life.

Balloons, maybe. Maybe a yoga ball? But I gotta be honest: I’m not a big balloon or yoga ball blower-upper. Or even really sure if a yoga ball is a thing.

tool review

Another picture of me with air and a green thing that shoots air. I know, it’s hard to photograph air.

This is a picture of me happy.

The beauty of this thing is in the negative space. It’s what’s NOT happening that I can’t capture with a camera. A typical blow gun from the compressor would almost surely not move around all of these pieces of copper on the table. Yet, I can freely shoo away the pesky specks of dust and debris. This creates the world’s most primo work surface.

Just enough air comes out that I can clear what I sadly must proclaim is my instantly—and perpetually—dust-choked table saw. I have to update that review. A perfect balance Ryobi!

tool review

Power and precision…from a mattress inflator! Come on…

For the bigger after-work clean ups or the quick blow-offs for whatever reason, I can’t believe a whisk broom has evolved into this level of technology.

By the way, I’d bring this to Mars. You could use it as a mini jet-pack.

Cost of the tool: 25-bucks. Worth it? Beyond worth it.

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