Tool Review: Troy-Bilt TB130 Lawnmower

Troy-Bilt TB130, a smart, well-executed, powerful mower.

Troy-Bilt TB130, a smart, well-executed, powerful mower.

As big a fan as I am of advancements in the tools and equipment we use to improve our homes, I love it when smart, well-executed—but comparatively basic—design is what gets the job done. And done well.

This is the case for the superbly nimble, quiet, and powerful Troy-Bilt TB130 walk behind push-mower. No transmission, no cup holder. No faux aerodynamics or laser-guided landscaping. Just plain old smart design and gobs of lawn mowing go-juice. The 3-in-1 TB130 (mulch, side-discharge, rear-bag) starts easily and dependably. The 160cc OHC Honda engine runs extremely smooth and, to my ears, much quieter than other mowers I’ve used. The large rear wheels are nimble while the smaller front wheels are beefy. The entire unit is maneuverable around the various yard obstacles—from playsets to petunia beds—around which I’ve taken it and because it is not laden with added features and bigger engines to power them the TB130 creates a sensible feature unto itself: it’s light and easy to push!

When the grass gets away from me for a week or two beyond the normal mowing schedule, the TB130 still manages to leave a smooth cut without much complaint. You can even get the unit serviced (i.e. annual tune-ups which I prefer to do in off-mowing months) at Lowes. Even the wheel height adjustment is simple, effective and easy to use. If you’re looking for a great, get it done mower for your yard, gas-up, the TB130 is good to go.

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