Water in the Car Door

Question: I swear when I’m driving my car around town—especially after a soaking rain—that I hear water sloshing around. A lot of it too. I thought it was the water bottle I had stowed in the door storage area, but it’s not. What’s the deal? Not only does this not seem right for the car, it makes me … uh … #$%^& ….  a little crazy!??!?!?!

Car door drain.

Car door drains are small and can get clogged with debris sometimes, causing water to slosh around inside the door cavity.

Answer: HA! Been there. Check the bottom of your car door. What you’re looking for is a small hole stamped in the steel. In some cases, it could have a small decal over it. That hole (its a drain, really) can clog with debris. If it does, the door doesn’t drain or it drains much, much more slowly than it fills up. Hence slosh city. In the case of some decal-covered holes, build-up can (tiny pieces of leaves and other stuff) occur over time so there could be sludge back there which you’ll want to remove if you can get at it with something pointy (I’ve used a pen.)

A good way to test if you’ve solved the problem is to wait until the next soaker and the door fills up. If the hole is clogged and you remove the obstruction, water should drain right away. If it doesn’t, it might be time for a visit to the mechanic.


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