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Turn a ceiling medallion into a spider wreath

spider wreath

Crafting a spider wreath is a fun way to spend an afternoon.

And October is the perfect month to celebrate fun in Halloween decor.

Mix in my obsession for creating decorations from holiday-themed candy wreaths that have grown beyond candy. Yes, spiders are my new obsession-inspiration this autumn.

And add in another layer to my craft-creation-obsessions: I was recently inspired by ceiling medallions and their perfect shape as a wreath base.

So I was compelled to make this Halloween door decor that ranks high as my current favorite craft.

Three reasons: easy-to-make, inexpensive, and tons of wow-factor.

spider wreathFor this project, I used exterior paint (the shade is Fragrant Cloves from Olympic Paints and Stains) on a polyurethane medallion from Fypon. Since it’s polyurethane painted in exterior paint, it withstands weather perfectly. (And surprisingly this medallion is less than $40.)

After the paint was dry, I spent a meditative afternoon applying about 250 plastic spiders to give the spider wreath a spooky-elegance that reminds me of a lace-like effect from the street.

Who knew it was so easy to help spiders become so sophisticated?

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