Don’t throw away your old paint brush. 3 tips keep paintbrushes working

An old paint brush has a lot more uses than just slathering on paint. I use them all the time on remodeling and renovation projects. Here are just a few.

For more than just a little use, it’s best to do most of this stuff with an old paintbrush, but from time to time, a little alternative use isn’t going to kill a well-maintained tool—yes, you should take care of a paint brush so it lasts.

For dust that’s settled on window sills and in every nook and cranny of a project site, vacuums can sometimes leave a fine film behind that gets into the brush and mucks up the paint. Plus, you have to clean it up eventually anyway. I find it best sometimes to go old school and let the bristles do the business.

And sometimes, there’s just not enough for a vac to get a hold of—not enough surface area for it to suck against. Cobwebs are a good example. Add with a long handle on a paintbrush and you’ve got a great cobweb killer and nook and cranny getter-outer.

And don’t forget kids! Forget teenie-tiny little brushes. Give kids some vats of water color and let the fun begin!

Jack is ready to start our kid craft for Fourth of July.

Jack is ready to start our red-white-and-blue kid craft.

paint brush

Paint brush for more than painting.

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