Old doors, new style


Don’t throw your old doors away! We have ways to upcycle and bring in some awesome new style to your home.

If you have old doors, they don’t need be thrown away. Check out some of these ideas for upcycling.

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old doors

Door wall. Doors are built-in texture and color. Using them at staggered heights on a large blank wall is like creating a piece of original artwork.




Raised panel planter. Need a place for plants? Hang a door sideways. Make a little box at the bottom. Line with plastic sheeting and fill with soil and plants you love. Allow water to drain through the bottom of the plastic.


Kids play house. Doors for the side and back. Door for the roof. No door for the door.



Table. 4-pre fab legs + one door + structural screws + plexi-glass to make surface flat = awesome table for crafts, art or eating.



Barn doors. Use barn door/sliding door hardware to repurpose doors to cover a space without doors. Awesome for everything from laundry rooms to workshops


Bathroom storage. Using a door as a backer, affix a cabinet to the base. Add a small shelf and towel hooks to the door. Use the cabinet as a base to sit and dry off a young child (can you tell we have a young child yet?) and to store items like toilet paper and cleaning supplies.


Tips to look out for if working with old doors.


Lead paint. Lead paint was used mostly on trim and doors. The older the door, the more likely that at least one of its coats of paint have lead and lead is especially dangerous to young kids. The flecky paint looks ‘vintage’ but may also poison. Just saying’…Use a test kit for extra safety


Connections. Doors are often made from a medium density and hardwoods like Douglas fir and oak. Fasteners can break and bend. And they can split the wood. Pre-drilling pilot holes and countersinks is always a smart bet.

Garden use. Yeah…Unless you live in the desert, doors will quickly become part of that landscape unless detailed to stave off the elements. And even then the clock is ticking. Rain, snow, temperature swings…expect the door panels to crack, the joints to come apart and the inspiration photo to only last a few seasons before the door also starts to decay anywhere it is touching dirt.


Re-use/new space. Old doors are gorgeous. But maybe one is better than another for a space. — Old House Journal 


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