Build a playset: Super summer kid activities

When school is out you need summer kid activities to keep the kids from morphing into their electronics. Plus you want to get outside and do some DIY, so here’s a backyard play set that does both.

Theresa working on the PlaysetThis play set is geared for littler kids—no swings, ship’s bow, or moving parts. But it can be fun for kids of all ages who love to climb and scramble and jump. All the materials are readily available at a lumber yard or home center. We built this one with 2×6 and 2×4 Western Red Cedar. It’s easy to work with, looks great and stands up to the elements. What more can you ask for from summer kid activities? Here’s how we built this one.

 Summer kid activities begin with some 2×6 and 2×4 Western Red Cedar. First step is to make the A-Frames.

Summer kid activities: Playset parts

Work on a flat surface like plywood on the ground or across sawhorses.

Summer kid activities

Assemble each A-Frame.

Cut and assemble each A-frame. The top angle here is 35 1/2-degrees for each piece. Cut the top and both legs (for each A) and assemble. We’re already on our way to winning the contest with digital fun.

Playset: Attach the skids

Fasten the skids to the bottoms of the A-Frames.

To get the bottom angle, we simply laid a straight board across the bottom of the A, traced the angle, and cut it. Then we fastened the skid to the A-Frame. We centered our A-Frame legs in the middle of the 2×6 skid.

Connect the A-Frames with 2x4.

Connect the A-Frames with 2×4, 4-feet long. Try to keep them as square as possible to each other.

Playset: Connect the A-Frames

Connect the A-Frames. Make one side solid, the other a ladder.

Playset: Cut transition pieces.

Rip and bevel the top pieces as needed.

At the top of each A-Frame, cut angles to transition from the wall/ladder to the top deck. Angle: 35 1/2-degrees. The piece may have to be ripped down to fit.

Playset: Guardrail

Keep your summer kid activities safe; add a guardrail.


Playset: Climbing wall

Add climbing cleats to the climbing wall. We used Spax screws and washers instead of through bolts.

Cear play-set

Sun’s out. Time to play!





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