Spax Multi-Material Construction Screws

I’m a screw geek and Spax multi-material construction screws fuel my geekery. And even though it may seem super-dweeby screws that I don’t have to fight with make my projects—from play sets to rapid fire remodeling—happy.


Spax screws rock for DIY, all-pro and just plain building fun.

Yes, happy.

In our work, you can’t always just blast nails at stuff and hope they stick. We work in old houses with rock-hard-easy-split wood framing that’s often better screwed together than nailed. And on outdoor projects like our cedar playset where wood swells and moves. And on stone foundations and plaster walls that require aggressive fasteners—and most concrete screws I’ve used leave a LOT to be desired.

We also use modern materials like plastic and sheet metal. And sometimes, there are just those oddball connections where we just need the right screw to do the right thing—without making us suffer.

Fill your screw box with different sized Spax multi-material construction screws and you’ll have go-to fasteners for all kinds of stuff from DIY to remodeling to repairs. And they make the work easier, connections better.

For example, Spax Unidrive Pan Head screws are the oddball go-to. The serrated threads will cut and hold in different materials and the pan-head sits flush to the surface of what you’re fastening to. I love this style screw for anything from making things in the shop to setting electrical boxes to strap hinges on panel doors…I can go on. Trust me, you’ll find uses.

And then there’s the Unidrive flatheads. These are the workhorse. From 3/4-inch top 3 1/2-inches these Spax screws rock inside and outside the house anywhere you need screws to grab, sink, and not split the lumber. And drive like a boss.

In zinc, yellow zinc or Spax’s HCR (high corrosion resistance, e.g pressure treated lumber for deck building) these bad boys cut their way into material like a boss. Finicky framing in an old house. A new pergola outdoors. Woodworking assemblies. Whatever. They are the reason to throw away the no name drywall style screws that do not get the job done anywhere near well.

Maybe screw-snob is a better term.


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