Birdhouse planters filled with succulents put us in the mood for spring.

My friend Jeanine suggested we make wall planters with succulents, I was inspired.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_succulents

I’m thinking spring, ever since Jonas dropped a pile of snow around us. So when my friend Jeanine from AphroChic suggested that we make wall planters with succulents, I was inspired to ‘make it mine.’ If you are curious about Jeanine’s project, head over to this post ‘Let’s make garden wall art.’

There are a few reasons why I love using succulents in my home. It’s almost impossible to kill a succulent, they are inexpensive, are available in a variety of colors and shapes, and they will thrive in a range of indoor conditions. But, I’m kind of smitten by their nickname: ‘fat plant.’

Why are succulents called ‘fat plants’? Because they contain water and then swell up. As a woman, I can totally relate to this phenomenon, and it definitely charms me.

So here’s my friend Jeanine’s project, but with my own twist.

Supplies you’ll need:

birdhouses, either pre-made or a kit
spray paint (or paint and paint brushes)
oscillating tool
screws (or nails)
impact driver (or hammer)
Gorilla tape
pebbles or small stones


  1. Cut hole into the top of the birdhouse.
  2. Paint and decorate the birdhouse.
  3. Line the inside of the birdhouse with Gorilla tape.
  4. Attach the birdhouse to the wall.
  5. Layer pebbles in the bottom of the birdhouse.
  6. Pour in soil.
  7. Insert succulent into the top.
  8. Add soil, as needed.
  9. Enjoy!
2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9074

The supplies for this springtime wall art planter include succulents, birdhouses, Gorilla tape, Krylon SuperMaxx spray paint in Watermelon, Rich Plum, and Sea Glass.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9079

My project manager inspected the supplies, and approved. Our 7-year-old Jack is wearing a Spartan wrist band, which is part of his inspector look. He suggested I use black Gorilla tape instead, and so I did.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9088

While we could buy a birdhouse kit, or make a birdhouse, these birdhouses were under $10 at Jo-Ann’s Fabric & Crafts.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9090

In order to transform the birdhouse into a planter, I need to cut a hole in the top of the house.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9114

I used an oscillating tool, Rockwell’s Sonicrafter, to cut the holes in the top of the birdhouses.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9120

To finish the corners of the cuts, and to pry out the piece, I used a HYDE multi-tool.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9121

For the picket fence birdhouse, I chose Krylon’s watermelon gloss.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9122

Yes, I have fun when I’m painting. It’s an addition.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9152

Just need a few coats on the wood birdhouses to match the color on the cap of the spray paint.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9159

I lined the inside of each birdhouse with Gorilla tape, to create a seal between the wood and the plant.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9170

After filling the house with dirt, I chose the plant for each little birdhouse.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9172

The log cabin birdhouse is pretty in Sea Glass. And that’s a fake succulent from Jo-Ann’s Fabric and Crafts. A really good looking fake plant.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9178

I like the double chimney affect of these in this little birdhouse planter.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9184

I used Spax screws to attach the birdhouses to the wall.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9190

And then I thought each house should have a homeowner.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9191

Minecraft Steve with pick axe seems at home with his log cabin succulent birdhouse.

2016_MyFixitUpLife_BirdHouse Garden_9193

Batman shows his softer side with a watermelon pink birdhouse.

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