Want to build a pergola into your deck? Check out this how-to and video.

When you build a pergola into a deck design, it’s a “gateway to awesome,” adding design and functional features that are endlessly beautiful.

A deck can be beautiful.

But when you build a pergola into your deck, you’re at the next level. That’s deck building 2.0. Add built-up posts for a subtle but powerful design feature–plus cost savings and a cool look–and you’re on your way to deluxe-ness in outdoor living.

build a pergola

Don’t just make a guard rail, build a pergola into your deck.

This pergola–call it an arbor, shade structure, design-piece, whatever–is sensational. The tapered rafters ease you into the space. Structurally, from bottom to top, this doesn’t happen without Spax Power Lags. From joist blocking to securing the feature elements of this design, they hold it all together.

Build a pergola

The tie that binds on this project: Spax Power Lags.

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